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Julianne Hough more comfortable

Julianne Hough more comfortable

Julianne Hough is "much more comfortable in her skin" than she was ten years ago.

The 'Dancing With The Stars' judge insists she would much rather favour a "fresh" face rather than slap on a lot of makeup.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I'm so much more comfortable in my skin today than I was at 18. I think a lot of that had to do with [being] focused on who I thought people wanted me to be rather than who I truly am.

"I used to wear so much makeup. I think that also had to do with having to cover up my zits. I think we tend to feel comfortable and it becomes a sort of security blanket to have a lot of makeup on. That's why I love when my skin is fresh."

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old dancer isn't afraid of experimenting with beauty after she previously dyed her hair "unicorn" pink.

She said at the time: "I love to experiment with my looks by the way of beauty products, styling tools and sometimes even taking things a step further. Remember last year when I chopped off all my hair? It was a big, bold move but it was so worth it!

"It felt liberating not to hide behind all that hair. So why did I decide on the colour pink this time? Because pink is the colour of kindness!"