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Julia Roberts forgets clock when she's with family

Julia Roberts forgets clock when she's with family

Julia Roberts forgets the time when she's with her family.

The 48-year-old actress tries to make a conscious effort to set time aside in her jam-packed diary to be with her husband Daniel Moder and their children 11-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, and Harry, eight, so when she does have a few spare hours, she dedicates it completely to them and doesn't constantly look up at the clock.

She explained: "It's about allowing time to just exist. Conversations require a complete disregard for the clock--so that you can just listen and really be present. It becomes a paradox of efficiency and presence. That's why I love the summer. I just don't care what time it is."

Julia finds the time best suited for a special family bonding session is when they're sitting down to enjoy a meal together.

Speaking in the new issue of InStyle magazine, she explained: "We definitely try to eat mindfully. As I always say to my kids, 'You have to eat the good stuff to get the good stuff.' "

But, although Julia is keen to pump her body with good healthy foods, she's not so strict when it comes to exercise.

She said: "I feel like if I knew all the things to do [in terms of exercise], I would probably look like I was put together with tape. I would just go crazy. So I think, Better just to remain calm, drink your water, get your sleep and be joyful."