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Jude Law surprises guests at 'immersive cinematic' event

Jude Law surprises guests at 'immersive cinematic' event

Jude Law surprised fans by taking part in an "immersive cinematic" event on Tuesday (09.02.16).

The British star played himself on a mock-up red carpet at the The Mondrian Hotel in London, where thrilled participants became the star of their very own personalised show and were treated like A-list film stars for the night.

The Life RX theatre experience saw Jude - who is the new face of Lexus and stars in the latest TV advert for the Lexus RX - introduce himself to unwitting guests after they took part in a mock advert shoot, were bombarded by autograph hunters wherever they went, and eventually took centre-stage on the red carpet with the Hollywood actor.

Speaking after the event, Jude said: "Starring in tonight's immersive event was amazing. I've been a huge fan of the team behind the experience tonight for many years and also by having seen a lot of work that they have previously done from 'Punch Drunk' to 'You Me Bum Bum Train'.

"So it was very interesting being on the other side as a part of the team creating it - I mean I was just playing myself!"

During the night at the one-off event, guests were guided through rooms by their fake publicist and were required to improvise in their new persona as an international movie star.