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Joseph Gordon-Levitt receives Hasty Pudding prize

Joseph Gordon-Levitt receives Hasty Pudding prize

Joseph Gordon-Levitt lap danced for a man in drag, donned a skin-tight Robin costume and impersonated his friend Seth Rogen as he picked up Hasty Pudding Theatricals' Man of the Year award on Friday (05.02.16).

The 'Inception' actor - the 50th recipient of the accolade - was in good humour when he was subjected to a roasting by the Harvard University group, who mocked his Oscar snubs and unspectacular box-office takings, as well as making a recurring joke of his decision to drop out of Columbia University to return to acting.

As well as gyrating for a man posing as a female Russian porn star and referring back to his 'Dark Knight Rises' role by pulling a tight-fitting Robin suit over his suit, Joseph willingly stripped to just a shirt and underpants to impersonate his pal Seth.

While in character as the actor, he asked the audience questions such as: "Do you actually have to take tests or just have rich parents to get into this school?"

He later wrote and sang a song called '10 Things I Hate About Me', with his list including being Jewish, going to an Ivy League school, being circumcised and being sexy.

At the end of his performance, the actor - who has a six-month-old son with wife Tasha McCauley - was presented with his pudding pot and thanked the students for their hospitality.

He added: "I really noticed a confidence, optimism, passion, [and] worldliness - as well as a sense of humour.

"It makes me feel really good to see that people who are younger than me are doing great."

The day had kicked off with a lunch with a small group of students, and then the society broke with tradition to honour Joseph in a public event outside the Hasty Pudding Clubhouse.