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Joni Mitchell is in hospital

Joni Mitchell is in hospital

Joni Mitchell is reportedly in intensive care in Los Angeles.

The 71-year-old singer was rushed to hospital by paramedics on Tuesday (31.03.15) after they received a 911 call from her home.

A source told gossip website that the caller claimed a female was unconscious, but alert.

It is not yet known what the 'Big Yellow Taxi' hitmaker is being treated for.

Last year, Joni, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, admitted she endured years of turmoil after being diagnosed with the rare condition Morgellons disease, which made her believe parasites were living under her skin.

In the memoir, 'Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words,' she revealed: "At the height of my illness I could not even wear clothing. All the time it felt like I was being eaten alive by parasites living under my skin. I couldn't leave my house for several years. Sometimes it got so bad I couldn't walk and I'd have to crawl across the floor. My legs would cramp up, just like I was having a polio spasm."

The singer, who gave up singing in 2010 because "six decades of heavy smoking have finally robbed me of my voice," also previously revealed she suffered from insomnia and acute paranoia.