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Jonathan Cheban's new model girlfriend

Jonathan Cheban's new model girlfriend

Jonathan Cheban has a new girlfriend.

The 42-year-old reality TV star - who is Kim Kardashian West's best friend - has moved on to a "hot blonde model" after his recent split from Anat Popovsky, 27.

Jonathan's new love has not been named but the pair have been spotted partying together in New York, according to

Jonathan and Anat first started dating in 2013 and split in early 2015 but they reconciled by November of that year.

A source said at the time: "He missed her and wanted to give the relationship another try. They have so much in common and an undeniable chemistry that it was inevitable.'

"Kim has always liked Anat, so that's easy. The whole Kardashian family likes her."

Meanwhile, Jonathan recently insisted he has to be "good at keeping secrets" to be Kim's best friend.

The socialite - who makes regular appearances on his close pal's E! reality show 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' - says the key to his friendship with the 35-year-old beauty is being able to keep tight-lipped about certain things and always being at each other's beck and call no matter what.

He explained: You know we both know each other's really good secrets and people that keep secrets and give good advice are the best friends.

"We have never not been there for each other. No matter how busy Kim is if I'm like 'Come with me to a meeting', she'll be there maybe two minutes late and she'll be there even if it is hours away and she'll never flake and cancel.

"And I'm the same way. Boom I'm there, I'll cancel everything for her and were really good to each other like that."

Another reason they are such good pals is because they are always brutally honest with one and other and what viewers see on the show is how they are in real life.

He explained: "We are us on the show ... I torture her like I would if the cameras were off, I'm like telling her about something 'Oh that's ugly' or that and she'll tell me 'Oh that's awful'."