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John Mayer shares skincare secrets

John Mayer shares skincare secrets

John Mayer has shared his skincare secrets.

The 38-year-old singer has turned his hand to beauty vlogging after posting a video of several of his techniques to ensure his face looks nice and smooth, despite admitting to using a product which he believes only elderly people put on.

John shared a Snapchat video, which he titled 'Skin Care Secrets With John', showing off his nightly routine.

At the beginning of the clip, he said: "People are always asking me, 'John, what are some of your skincare secrets?'

"And I always say, 'That's an odd question to ask me.' And they always say, 'You literally just asked me to ask you that.' "

In the clip, John talked viewers through his skincare items and joked about his "favourite line of products", saying: "I have a feeling this is mainly used by people in their 60s and 70s but I love it."

He advised fans to apply lotion directly to their faces because otherwise the liquid can stuck in your fingers which can prove "expensive".

John said: "Applying skin lotion to your hands and then rubbing it into your face gets a lot of lotion stuck in the crease of the fingers and that's expensive."

In one bizarre bit, the 'Your Body is a Wonderland' hitmaker sprayed moisturiser in front of his face and the headbutted it.

At the end of his video, John said: "And there you have it, taking good care of your skin is key," before brushing his teeth and throwing his toothbrush behind him.