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John Legend's 'powerful emotions'

John Legend's 'powerful emotions'

John Legend is full of "pretty powerful emotions" since welcoming his daughter into the world.

The 'All Of Me' hitmaker - who has three-month-old Luna with his wife Chrissy Teigen - can't believe he has become a father and feels so blessed to have the little one in his life.

He said: "You never know what it's going to feel like until it happens, but you know, I was excited. And this wasn't an accident, this was something that we have been working on and [we've been] trying to have a family for a while.

"Knowing that it was so important to us, I was pretty excited from the beginning, but once she came out and she was actually a real thing that we could hug and love and see her develop, it's pretty powerful. It is a pretty powerful emotion to see the product of your love right there in front of you."

The 37-year-old singer also revealed his little girl has already started inspiring his music.

He added to Entertainment Tonight: "You will see in here the influence on the next album of me having a kid. I couldn't help but write about her. I was writing songs about her before she was born, just because I was so inspired [about] just the fact that Chrissy got pregnant. So, I think it inspired one of the most beautiful songs in the album, and so hopefully that people will love it.

"The subject matter is you just thinking about what it means to have a child, and when you bring a child into this world -- which you know, there are a lot of great things about this world, but there are a lot of, you know, things that concern you about this world too - and you want them to live the best lives that they can live."