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John Legend: Having a baby has changed my marriage

John Legend: Having a baby has changed my marriage

John Legend says things have changed between him and Chrissy Teigen following the birth of their baby girl.

The 'All Of Me' hitmaker admits things are different for the couple - who welcomed Luna in April - now because of the "all-encompassing" responsibility of having a child.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "Well, it's all-encompassing too - it's, you have to spend every moment even when you are not with [Luna] thinking about who is with them, and what's happening with them, and making sure that everything is, you know, comfortable for them.

"Being married is not the same as having a kid because being married to another adult who can take care of themselves to a degree is different than having a kid that is completely dependent on you. So, it definitely makes you realise a heightened level of responsibility and it makes you realise that there is a lot of work to be doing, and you realise what your work is for."

Meanwhile, Chrissy previously revealed her and John are learning to swim for their daughter.

She shared: "I was in the pool today. I can't swim, but I'm trying to learn for Luna, of course. There is nothing I want to do more than to get her into the water and for her to learn to swim. John can't swim, either. And we don't want to be helpless in any way, so we're going to try to learn for Luna. We're going to have someone come to the house.

"I have no fear of water. John has no fear of water. Or animals, or sharks or what have you. We just didn't have water in our face when we were growing up. It wasn't something where we were dunked. I just want to make sure that she feels that she can cope with it."