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John Legend: Chrissy fell for me while I was ironing

John Legend: Chrissy fell for me while I was ironing

John Legend believes Chrissy Teigen fell in love with him when she saw him ironing clothes.

The 36-year-old singer wed the Sports Illustrated model in 2013 but originally met her while he was on the set of a music video with an iron in hand.

Recalling the moment, he said: "We met each other exactly seven years before we got married.

"She walked in, and I was ironing my own clothes - she knew she'd found her future husband."

However, she confessed they were both already in relationships when they first met so had to split from their respective partners before getting together.

Admitting they were already dating other people, she added: "But both [of the relationships were] on the outs, for sure. For me, at least. I think at that age I called it couchsurfing. But John and I didn't jump into dating at all."

John continued: "We texted a lot and eventually we just didn't want to see anybody else."

But now they are famous and 29-year-old Chrissy is pregnant with their first child, they feel stable in their relationship and know they couldn't be unfaithful even if they wanted to.

Chrissy told The Sunday Times newspaper's Style magazine: "People in the public eye have a really hard time trying to cheat. People are taking selfies of their celebrity partner in bed now. It's hard to hide. I really feel like if he does anything I'll hear about it on Twitter in a second."