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John Krasinski's 'existential crisis'

John Krasinski's 'existential crisis'

John Krasinski experienced an "existential crisis" after the birth of his daughter.

The 36-year-old actor - who has 23-month-old Hazel with wife Emily Blunt - admits he had to refocus his priorities when faced with the responsibility of having a child and is now focused on "becoming a better person every single day".

He added: "I went through some really serious stuff. There is a mirror that is held up to me now. You have someone watching you. You have to lead by example."

And becoming a parent has taught John a lot about the people around him.

He told People magazine: "I got to understand my parents better. I got to understand my wife better.

"I got to understand how lucky I am to be in the fox hole with someone I can rely on 150 percent."

John also credits Hazel for making him a better actor and director when he began working on 'The Hollars', in which he plays a father-to-be whose mother falls ill.

He said: "I had my daughter in February and then we shot the movie that April.

"Those four months changed my life. They are the reason the movie is what it is."