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John Boyega's Star Wars birthday celebration

John Boyega's Star Wars birthday celebration

John Boyega celebrated his birthday with a Millennium Falcon-shaped cake.

The actor turned 24 on March 17 and was presented with a special sweet treat by his 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' colleagues, and while his co-star Daisy Ridley is hoping for something similar when she has her own birthday on April 10, she's taking no chances and has decided to bake her own cake.

Daisy, 23, said: "I've promised everyone at work cake. So I finally have to do it because it's been three months and no cake...

"It was John's birthday and I didn't do anything for him cake wise. "Oh! I know what I'm doing because also it's my birthday coming up, I'm going to home make caterpillar came. You know the one they do at M&S and Tesco but I'm going to do my own one.

"The thing is because my birthday is on a Sunday - John had this amazing cake sent that was the Millennium Falcon - so I was like, 'Guys I don't have an agent in England so it's up to you to show me that kind of love', so I'm hoping they do."

Daisy is looking forward to a break from filming over the Easter period but admits she hasn't got any major plans.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the Jameson Empire Awards in London this evening (20.03.16), she said: "We were supposed to go to these caves in Wales with trampolines which would have been absolutely amazing. But I think we're not going to be able to do that so I think I'm just going to chill with my parents."