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Joe Manganiello born an addict

Joe Manganiello born an addict

Joe Manganiello was born an addict.

The 39-year-old hunk spent a decade of his life battling with substance abuse and excessive drinking, to the detriment of his career, but he believes his problems started in the womb - before he had even picked up his first bottle of booze.

He explained: "I think addicts are born wired a certain way. But alcohol was not the issue for me - the issues were all internal. The drink just helped me to quell all the ill feelings I could remember having since I was a child. I was an addict before I ever picked up a drink."

But after bouts of depression and homelessness, the 'Magic Mike XXL' star decided to turn his life around and believes that leap in the right direction was the best thing he's ever done because it's led to him finding his "dream" woman.

He told the April issue of Men's Health magazine: "I became the man that I dreamed of being, and the result was I met the woman of my dreams."

Joe married his new wife Sofia Vergara last November in a lavish wedding in Palm Beach, Florida, surrounded by their close friends and family following 16 months of dating.

And, although they are adamant having children together isn't a priority in their relationship at the moment, Sofia, 43, is worried if they do decide to start a family that they may need to rely on fertility treatment to help them fall pregnant.

She said recently: "I cannot just expect anything natural anymore. We'll see what happens."

The 'Modern Family' actress already has son Manolo, 23, with her ex-husband Joe Gonzalez.