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Joe Jackson: I'm alive!

Joe Jackson: I'm alive!

Joe Jackson is "100 per cent alive".

The 87-year-old showbiz patriarch - whose famous offspring include Janet Jackson and the late Michael Jackson - was hospitalised in Los Angeles last week due to a high fever which was discovered during a routine check-up and the talent manager has now reassured fans he is not doing as badly as has been speculated.

A post on his website, which was titled "I Am 100% Alive, said: "The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Please ignore all the stupid false rumours from people who seem to find humour in such topics."

Joe signed the post, which was accompanied by a picture of him apparently at a beachside resort.

On Wednesday (18.05.16), Joe's son Jermaine Jackson admitted their family were "worried" about their father following his hospitalisation on May 13, but said they were thankful he is now doing "much better".

He said: "My father is doing much better. We were all worried but he's doing much better, he's much healthier and we're very happy about that.

"He got weak and they rushed him ... he was doing a normal check-up and he got weak and they admitted him.

"He came for a check-up at his doctor's and they put him in the hospital.

"The way we got the news he was not doing well."

Jermaine, 61, admitted his father is in good spirits, despite still being in hospital.

He added: "He's much better. All of his vital signs are great and we're very happy.

"He's just tired. He's 87. We're just trying to hold onto him as much as we can.

"My father's very strong, he's up there telling jokes. He's doing fine.

"We're all holding up well."

Last August, Joe was hospitalised in Brazil, where he was celebrating his 87th birthday, after suffering a stroke and three heart attacks.

He was reported to have taken three Viagra pills at the time.