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Jodie Marsh updates her security system after feeling 'unsafe' at home

Jodie Marsh updates her security system after feeling 'unsafe' at home

Jodie Marsh was forced to update her security system after feeling "unsafe" in her home.

The 37-year-old glamour model had to install extra safety measures at her house, which included vibration detectors, extra sensitive sensors and panic button, because she felt "vulnerable" living at home alone with only her pets by her side.

The television personality shared the news via social media on Thursday (21.07.16) with a string of tweets.

She wrote:" Thank you @hawkwellalarms for making me feel safe!!! You are the BEST security company I've ever dealt with. Totally professional & thorough

" To feel unsafe in your own house is such a terrible feeling. I'm so happy this is being done. I'm watching you

"To protect myself & my animals I am having a state of the art security system fitted today by @hawkwellalarms - I finally feel SAFE!!!!!

"So I won't tell you how many cameras I have in total but it's way into the double figures & now I have lasers, sensors, vibration detectors.

"And other amazing gadgets too! I also have panic buttons & a full alarm that goes straight to the police whilst you're being filmed.... (sic)."

The star admitted she already had security cameras put up but decided to expand on her security for extra precaution.

She explained: "I already had loads of CCTV but this system protects every part of my house inside and out @hawkwellalarms I am thrilled!!!!! (sic). "

Jodie's decision comes after her ex-husband James Placido - who split in April after eight months of marriage - threatened to drive a truck through her home and demanded money from her.

And the 'Totally Jodie Marsh' star welcomes James to attempt to get passed now the new equipment has been fitted.

She said: "So you can carry on making your threats or getting people to call me but you won't get past my security now f**ker (sic)."

Jodie has admitted since the recent installment she can sleep in peace.

She explained: "Best night's sleep I've had in MONTHS last night!!!! (sic)."