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Jodie Marsh splashes out on assault course for cats

Jodie Marsh splashes out on assault course for cats

Jodie Marsh has bought an assault course for her cats.

The bodybuilder has had a cat pen built so that her indoor cats can safely play outside and she has splashed out to ensure that they have everything they need.

She posted a picture on Twitter and wrote: "My new cat pen!!! So my indoor cats can go outside & play! I've got trees and logs & all sorts coming today!"

She added: "the cat pen is so that my indoor cats can go outside & play! I have ten ton of stuff coming tomorrow to fill it (sic)."

The picture shows former glamour model Jodie, clad in a pair of dungarees, beaming in the new play area for her beloved cats.

And the kind-hearted documentary maker has even offered to adopt two new cats, now that she has extra room for them to play.

After TV vet Marc Abraham tweeted: "Wizard & Willow are Tonkinese cats looking for their forever home. If you can help them contact @Raystede :) #adopt," Jodie replied: "I'll have them if they can be with other cats? I have just built a cat pen too!!! (sic)."

Jodie, 37, split from her husband James Placido in April after just eight months and previously admitted he was the only man she had ever loved more than her pets.

In happier times, she gushed: "Before James I'd never met a human that I liked more than my cats and dogs. It's true and he knows, and he knows he's only just past them!

"He jokes when we're in bed and says, 'It worries me that there's such a fine line between me and the cats and dogs. Like, if it comes to it you might swing back and choose them.' And I'm like, 'No, no!' But honestly no man had even come close to the love I feel for my animals before him."