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Jodie Marsh says no to more pets

Jodie Marsh says no to more pets

Jodie Marsh has ruled out having any more pets.

The TV documentary maker has decided to not add any more animals to her menagerie after giving a home to a little abandoned kitten which she got from Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary.

Jodie is besotted with her pussy, who she has called Maggie, but now in a new YouTube video she has posted to promote the centre she admits she has as many animals is as much as she can handle.

The 37-year-old bodybuilder said: "I can't have any more myself at the moment, as you know I've got six, and I just can't have anymore."

During the video, Jodie admitted she falls in love with nearly all of the animals she's introduced to, and in particular Albert the Basset who she meets in the video.

She gushed over the animal: "You're just a saggy dog, I love saggy dogs. I Love Albert he's very funny - gorgeous."

The 'Totally Jodie Marsh' star was also taken with 14-year-old Jack - who a lot of people find undesirable because of his age - but Jodie argued that older dogs are often a good bet to give a home to.

She explained: "I would quite happily re-home an old dog like this. If he's only got a couple of years left, I wanna give him the best couple of years of his life. And it's not as big a commitment either.

"People who take on a one year old or a two year old are committing to, potentially, 15 years whereas with an old dog like this your probably only looking at a couple of years."

The video urges people to consider rehoming a pet rather than buying one, and she said: "It's just a reminder to ask you all to rescue instead of buy. As you all know I have rescue animals at home and they're amazing."

As well as Maggie, Jodie - who recently split from her husband James Placido after just eight months of marriage - owns three cats and five dogs, including fully grown Rottweiler Ralph.