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Jodie Marsh needs to banish bad bedroom memories of ex

Jodie Marsh needs to banish bad bedroom memories of ex

Jodie Marsh needs to have sex with someone else to banish the bad memories of lovemaking with her estranged husband.

The 37-year-old star is doing well since her split from spouse James Placido earlier this year after just eight months of marriage and at the moment she has returned to a celibate lifestyle.

However, Jodie claims the sex with James was so unfulfilling she feels as though she needs to get a hunk into bed so she can remember what a good romp is.

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, she said: "I am back to being celibate now and I almost think I do need to go out and have sex with someone else who is really sexy and gorgeous so that the last person I have sex with isn't him. I hate the thought of the last person I had sex with was him."

However, the TV documentary maker - who has hinted on several occasions that James was not well-endowed - may struggle to get a guy between the sheets as since she broke up from James she has found herself only attracted to women.

Jodie - who was previously in a relationship with her female hairdresser Nina - explained: "I will never get married again. It was the worst mistake of my life. I'm not against having another relationship. But at the moment the only people I fancy are women and I am only sexually attracted to women."

Discussing what happened in her marriage for it to hit the rocks so soon, she said: "All I can say is that it was very real on my part. I didn't realise it wasn't for him until it was too late. I'm not sure I can say I was duped, but that's how I feel now. I am better off without him. There has been a lot of drama and it's been incredibly stressful. I am so relieved it's over."