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Jodie Marsh makes new attack on ex-husband's manhood

Jodie Marsh makes new attack on ex-husband's manhood

Jodie Marsh has made a fresh attack on her ex-husband's manhood.

The 'Totally Jodie Marsh' star famously became celibate following her split from James Placido after only eight months of marriage and in a new verbal assault on her estranged husband, Jodie celebrated her new found celibacy and publically ridiculed his manhood.

She tweeted: "ALWAYS be proud to be celibate! Far rather be celibate than with a mushroom knob t**t #happenseverytime #celibacy (sic)."

Jodie had previously taken to Twitter to suggest that James was more disappointing in the trouser department than Orlando Bloom.

The 39-year-old actor was recently photographed in the buff whilst paddle boarding on holiday in Sardinia with girlfriend Katy Perry but the 37-year-old glamour model was unimpressed with the Hollywood hunk's appendage but insisted her ex-husband's was a bigger disappointment.

She posted: "Waaaaaaa nearly as disappointing as my ex!! Hahaha. So not what I was expecting from a muscly guy ... A bit like guys who do wheelies on motorbikes down your local high street. Annoying and over compensating for their prawn k**b (sic)."

However, despite her disappointment with men, Jodie has revealed that she would break her celibacy vow for a woman as they can never underwhelm when they get their kit off.

She told her fans on Twitter: "Hahahahaha. I'm sticking to women in the future ... You can never be disappointed that way (sic)."