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Jodie Marsh: I love husband more than my pets

Jodie Marsh: I love husband more than my pets

Jodie Marsh claims her husband is the only human she's ever liked more than her pets.

The 36-year-old model wed her partner James Placido in a secret ceremony in Barbados in August and insists she knew he was the one for her because no other man has ever come close to the love she has for her three cats and four dogs.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Before James I'd never met a human that I liked more than my cats and dogs. It's true and he knows, and he knows he's only just past them."

However, her husband is well aware of the bond she has with her furry companions and is afraid she may "swing back" to loving them more than him.

She explained: "He jokes when we're in bed and says, 'It worries me that there's such a fine line between me, and the cats and dogs. Like, if it comes to it you might swing back and choose them.' And I'm like, 'No, no!'. No man had even come close to the love I feel for my animals, before him."

And since tying the knot, Jodie - whose new documentary series kicks off at 10pm tonight (05.11.2015) with 'Jodie Marsh is Making Babies' on TLC - says the pair have become "annoying and smug" because they are so loved up.

Asked how she's finding married life, she said: "I absolutely love it. I feel like I'm one of those annoying smug people now who is really, really happy and makes everybody else feel sick with how happy they are. I'm loving being married and it took me long enough to find a decent man so now I've got him I'm definitely hanging onto him.

"We've definitely been making up for lost time since getting married."