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Jodie Marsh hints that husband had mini manhood

Jodie Marsh hints that husband had mini manhood

Jodie Marsh says her estranged husband was "disappointing" in the trouser department.

The 37-year-old TV documentary maker split from James Placido earlier this year after just eight months of marriage and has vowed to stay way from men for now and be celibate.

Jodie has given some insight into their bedroom actions and has insinuated his penis was lacking in size.

The busty beauty made the accusation during a Twitter conversation about the naked photos of Orlando Bloom paddle-boarding with his bikini-clad girlfriend Katy Perry in Sardinia that have circulated in the media on Thursday (04.08.16).

Discussing Orlando's appendage, Jodie tweeted: "Waaaaaaa nearly as disappointing as my ex!! Hahaha. So not what I was expecting from a muscly guy ... A bit like guys who do wheelies on motorbikes down your local high street. Annoying and over compensating for their prawn knob (sic)"

Following her cutting comments, Jodie then vowed to only break her celibacy vow for a woman as a lady can't underwhelm when they strip off.

She added in another tweet: "Hahahahaha. I'm sticking to women in the future ... You can never be disappointed that way (sic)"

Logging back on to her Twitter account later, Jodie told her 600,000-plus followers that she will never marry again following the pain of her break-up from James.

She posted: "I'll never marry again that's for sure - so don't assume we all WANT to be married either. I'm happy alone! (sic)"