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Joanna Lumley: Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio was adorable

Joanna Lumley: Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio was adorable

Joanna Lumley says kissing Leonardo DiCaprio was "adorable".

The 70-year-old actress had to lock lips with the Hollywood heartthrob in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and she admits it was a very enjoyable experience.

Appearing on TV show 'Watch What Happens Live' alongside her 'Absolutely Fabulous' co-star Jennifer Saunders, Joanna was asked to describe kissing the 41-year-old actor in three words.

She replied: "Pepperminty. Adorable", before Jennifer interjected with "soft lips".

Joanna pointed out that she'd only had two words and then added: "Fabulous."

Meanwhile, Joanna recently revealed how she had aspired to be a "European sex goddess".

The blonde star - who has reprised her role as Patsy Stone in the comedy film adaptation of 'Absolutely Fabulous' - has admitted she dreamed of being like the iconic French actress and fashion model Brigitte Bardot when she was younger.

Speaking about her muse, she said: "European sex goddess - like Brigitte Bardot or Claudia Cardinale."

And the television personality has revealed prior to her acting days she embarked on a modelling career, which she compares with being part of a circus act.

The blonde beauty explained: "Part of the attraction of modelling and acting is that you become part of the circus, 'Out in the street in your bare, bare feet, following the raggle taggle gypsies.'

"That idea of the circus rumbling by, and you thinking, 'I'll jump out of the window and join them.'"