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Joanna Lumley is a 'dull person'

Joanna Lumley is a 'dull person'

Joanna Lumley is a "dull person".

The 70-year-old 'Absolutely Fabulous' actress - who has reprised her role as Patsy Stone for a film adaptation of the hit television series - has admitted she is the opposite to her on screen character.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine about her traits, she said: "I'm such a dull person.

"I don't behave badly.

"Nobody could live like Patsy does. They wouldn't be alive. All her organs have been removed, she drinks so much - the navy would go under if they drank like her, but she's fine."

And Joanna has revealed her boring personality disappoints people who wish she was "slaughtered" and constantly tipsy like Patsy.

She quipped: "People long for me to be found slaughtered in a gutter somewhere."

However, the mother-of-one - who has a 48-year-old son Jamie Lumley with her ex-partner Michael Claydon - has admitted her comedic co-star Jennifer Saunders, who plays Edina 'Eddie' Monsoon, still finds Joanna entertaining.

Joanna said: "An evening out [with Jennifer Saunders] is pretty special; we make each other laugh."

However, whilst filming the pair were disappointed to find the liquid in their champagne flutes was ginger beer instead of bubbles.

Joanna explained: "People wanted us to be slaughtered! I rather wish it could be true, though, there were moments where we'd say, 'Could we have a real bottle here?'"

Jennifer agreed: "This is the only sad thing, we don't drink at all."

Meanwhile Jennifer, 57, won't follow up 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' with a sequel.

When previously probed on whether she was planning to write another star-studded title about the champagne swigging fashionistas, the writer and creator of the comedy film said: "I'm not planning a sequel at all, no. This is it!"

However, Joanna seemed less certain it's the end of the double act.

During an interview with her co-star, Joanna said: "I am!"