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Jo Wood will babysit ex-husband Ronnie's twins

Jo Wood will babysit ex-husband Ronnie's twins

Jo Wood has offered to babysit her ex-husband Ronnie Wood's twins.

The 68-year-old Rolling Stones rocker and wife Sally Humphreys are expecting twin girls in the coming months, and while his former spouse Jo can't imagine having babies again so late in life she would be happy to help out the couple when they need an extra pair of hands - but only when the children are older.

The 60-year-old blonde told HELLO! magazine: "I can't imagine having to wake up at night and having to do the feeds and cope with tiny babies screaming. I couldn't go through that. Maybe when they're five or six I'll babysit."

Jo also plans to go and visit Ronnie and Sally when the babies are born so she can meet the tots and give them some gifts.

She said: "I'll go round when they're born and bring them identical dresses."

Just as Jo is excited for Ronnie, the former couple's daughter Leah, 37, is looking forward to meeting her baby sisters.

She said: "I am actually [looking forward to their arrival]. My dad is very happy. I'm quite curious to see what they look like."

But Jo - who also has sons Jamie, 41, and Tyrone, 32, with Ronnie - thinks the set-up is "bizarre" as Leah and her husband Jack Macdonald's kids Maggie, six, and Otis, two, will be older than their aunts.

Jo said: "Ooh you're going to have two little sisters. Maggie will be like a big sister to them when in fact they'll be her aunties. How bizarre."