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Jo Wood's love fears

Jo Wood's love fears

Jo Wood worries she will never find love again.

The 60-year-old model's former husband Ronnie Wood, 68, is expecting twins with his new wife Sally Humphreys, who is 30 years his junior, and Jo admitted she sometimes frets that she won't top her 30-year-marriage to Ronnie.

She explained: "I'd love to meet somebody, falling in love and marry again but I haven't come across the person who blows me away and who I can't live without. I worry that my marriage to Ronnie was 'it'."

Jo has thrown herself into the world of online dating, even briefly trying Tinder, but has had mixed results.

She revealed one disastrous date was with a huge Rolling Stones fan who simply wanted to know everything about her former husband.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, she said: "This man I was meeting was totally fascinated by the fact I had been married to a Rolling Stone. He wanted to know everything about Ronnie. What was he like, what did he eat for breakfast? I simply said I wasn't prepared to talk about it. The date lasted for one drink."

And Jo admitted her children Leah, 37, and Tyrone, 32, were not impressed with her online dating exploits.

She explained: "Mum had seen something suitable - an agency called Elite Singles that advertised on TV. My two younger children, Leah, 37, and Tyrone, 32, were horrified."