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Jimmy Tarbuck's tribute to Cilla Black

Jimmy Tarbuck's tribute to Cilla Black

Jimmy Tarbuck has paid tribute to the "First Lady of showbusiness" Cilla Black.

The comedian led the Prayers of the Faithful at the showbiz legend's funeral today (20.08.15), where he asked the congregation to pray for Cilla and the family she left behind.

Referring to the area where she grew up in Liverpool, he said: "I think Scottie Road would be very proud today. I usually start by saying how nice it is to be here. Today, that is not the case. It is a sad day and I am sorry to be here for obvious reasons."

Continuing his prayers, he said: "For Cilla, when she was baptised, she was given the pledge of eternal life that she might now be admitted to the company of the saints, with Bobby [her husband] and their daughter Ellen.

"For Robert, Ben and Jack, their beloved sons, and her brothers, all her family and friends that they will be inspired by her memory.

"And for those whose lives our Cilla has touched. They will continue to remember her in their prayers. They took this girl to their hearts."