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Jim Carter wants Modern Family role

Jim Carter wants Modern Family role

Jim Carter wants a role in 'Modern Family'.

The 'Downton Abbey' actor - who plays butler Mr. Carson in the ITV period drama - has confessed that while he rarely recognises any of the actors at awards ceremonies in the US, he loves the sitcom and is always excited to meet the cast.

Asked which of the stars he'd most like to work with, Jim told BANG Showbiz: "Phil Dunphy, Ty Burrell. No, all of them actually. You couldn't take any of them out of 'Modern Family' without it collapsing."

The 67-year-old star admitted he was thrilled when characters Manny and Jay referred to 'Downton' in an episode of 'Modern Family'.

Jim explained: "I just think it's so funny ... And Manny, there was that line where he said, 'I'm exhausted', [and Jay says], 'Just because you've been watching a marathon of 'Downton Abbey'. So I've met a couple of them when I've been out there and fall on them like a crazed fan because I recognise them ... 'I know you, talk to me!' "

'Downton Abbey' returns to ITV on September 20 at 9pm.