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Jessie J helps raise money for sick dance teacher

Jessie J helps raise money for sick dance teacher

Jessie J is helping to raise money for her old dance teacher who has a brain tumour.

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker has reached out to her 8.5 million followers to make donations to amass £25,000 for Diane's treatment by sharing a link to a fundraising page Diane's daughter, Christina Cuttell, has setup on JustGiving.

Taking to her Twitter account, Jessie, 28, wrote: "This amazing lady was one of my dance teachers when I was little. Any donation helps. Thank you. (sic)"

The family are desperately trying to put the funds together for an "alternative" treatment, suggested by a Harley Street doctor who says it will "prolong her life ".

As of Tuesday (28.06.16) they have managed to raise £17,460 of the £25,000 target and the pop singer's help will no doubt help them get the money they need.

The JustGiving page reads: "So, as many of you know, a month ago my amazing mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It has been an absolute whirlwind for the last few weeks, she has already had an operation to remove what they could, which she recovered from ridiculously well, but unfortunately we found out, in short, it is a GBM.

"Without going into too much detail on this post, GBM is the short name for it, grade 4 tumour with poor prognosis, please do have a further look online so you know what we are dealing with. My dad, the incredible man that he is, has spent the last four weeks researching and contacting everyone he could find that could do anything to help. He rang many different countries, hospitals etc. with no luck.

"However, yesterday he went up to Harley Street and met with a doctor who can help! It isn't a cure for what my mum has but it will certainly prolong her life and believe me ... I am willing to do ANYTHING to keep her alive!

"It's an alternative treatment that will help her along with the radiotherapy and chemotherapy that she is due to start soon. The evidence shows that the treatment can keep the tumour at bay indefinitely which is backed up with MRI scans.

"Please do private message me if you would like more information on this treatment. However, it is extremely pricey but as you can imagine, money is nothing when you are saving a life. My dad wants to sell the house and after weeks of feeling useless, I finally can do something to help.

"I alongside my fabulous auntie dawn (mums sister), am going to be organising a fundraising concert and several events. If my dad has to sell the house, so be it, but I would love for him to be able to keep it for when mum is better she will have somewhere to go.

"So I have set up this page to try and raise as much money as I can to get mum the treatment she needs. Every little helps ... Be it £1 or more I can't even begin to explain how appreciative my family will be, let alone my mum. Thank you all so much xxx (sic)"