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Jessica Barth won't strip naked on screen or in print

Jessica Barth won't strip naked on screen or in print

Jessica Barth will never strip naked for a film role or a magazine shoot.

The stunning 37-year-old actress did a bikini shoot for for Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine in December 2012 and although she was asked to go completely naked, she decided early on she didn't want to bare all and it's a vow she plans to stick to.

In an interview with the new Loaded website (, she said: "I have nothing against people who do nudity and the images can be really beautiful, but that just wasn't for me ... But I have to say that with Playboy, I felt really comfortable. At first I was nervous but it was a non-nude shoot in a very comfortable atmosphere. It's pretty far removed from me right now, running to pick up my kids!"

Jessica - who has a son and a daughter - admits her first experience with Playboy wasn't great.

The blonde beauty was dating a guy who insisted on keeping a pile of issues next to their bed and she felt inferior to the celebrity babes such as Jenny McCarthy who stripped off in the publications' pages.

Jessica - who played Tami-Lynn in both of Seth McFarlane's 'Ted' films - revealed: "My first encounter with Playboy was actually a previous boyfriend that I had. He used to keep a stack of Playboy by his bed. We would be together and there was Jenny McCarthy naked. I was like, 'These need to move.' "

Jessica feels so strongly about how women are shot for magazines, are photoshopped and styled and the unrealistic body image that is conveyed to the public and she is going to make a documentary to shed light on the practices used in the industry.

She said: "The pictures that you see are just so far from the truth and that's the point behind my documentary. It's a machine that's making you look this way. Every picture that you see is retouched. You can make your arms longer - whatever you want to do."