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Jessica Alba's three-year crisis

Jessica Alba's three-year crisis

Jessica Alba went through a "crisis" before having children.

The 'Sin City' actress - who has daughters Honor, seven, and Haven, four, with husband Cash Warren - turns 35 next month but isn't worried about getting older because she is so much happier with herself now than she was 10 years ago.

She told E! News: "I have to say I like me better at 35 than at 25. I definitely went through a crisis at 25, 26, 27.

"I don't know, it was like a three-year crisis. Then I had Honor at 28, and I felt like everything just kind of fell into place and made sense. I feel really good now, and I'm excited about turning 35."

Though her birthday is just a few weeks away, Jessica hasn't made any definite plans yet, though she wants to host a "game night".

She said: "I'm trying to figure out a fun birthday. I'm thinking maybe a girls' thing with some of my friends. Then, I was thinking something at my house. It would have to be a game night because I love a good game night!"

Meanwhile, the 'Machete' actress' oldest daughter has just donated her hair to charity having begged for months to chop off her long locks.

Jessica said: "My seven year old is into tennis so she's really into wearing her tennis clothes every day, and she just cut all of her hair off.

"She wanted to cut her hair so bad. She asked me every day for two months, and I finally let her do it.

"She is so happy, I thought she was going to cry or something! It was down to her butt. But I was like, 'You need to grow it long enough so you can donate it, and then I'll let you do it.' And she did! So now she's like sporty. She just wants to wear sports stuff every day."