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Jessica Alba's private fight scenes

Jessica Alba's private fight scenes

Jessica Alba won't let her children watch her fight scenes.

The 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' actress refuses to let her kids - Honor, eight, and Haven, five - watch her train for scenes in action films because she doesn't feel it is "appropriate".

She said: "I don't even do fight training at home. I go to the gym for that. And they won't see this movie. It's not appropriate."

And the 35-year-old star recalled a particularly eventful day of shooting on the set of 'Mechanic: Resurrection' where she accidentally punched a stunt man in the groin.

She told USA Today: "He didn't put the belt low enough in a couple of takes. It happens so quickly. You make contact. I didn't make anyone bleed."

Meanwhile, Jessica previously admitted she wants to make her children proud.

She said: "It's really cool when they know about The Honest Company and they ask when they spend the night at people's houses ... 'Is that The Honest Company?' They're aware of it. Haven thinks I invented hand sanitiser. I'm like, 'No, I didn't,' but you know, she's four!

"It's cool that they can see their mom wear many different hats. I am a mom to them at home and they don't like it when I break out in song and dance as it embarrasses them but I think that's really good. At work, they get to see me play a different role and they saw the different versions of the office. We had a tiny little office and we've gone bigger and bigger and more and more employees. It's really cool to show them that."