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Jessica Alba's children made her 'respect' her body

Jessica Alba's children made her 'respect' her body

Jessica Alba says being pregnant helped her learn to "respect" her body.

The 35-year-old actress has two daughters, Honor, eight, and five-year-old Haven Garner, with her husband Cash Warren, 37, and after witnessing the incredible transformation her body went through when she was carrying both girls she has learnt not to stress about her flaws.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, the 'Good Luck Chuck' actress said: "It's incredible being a mom, I love it. I was much more stressed and concerned about my body before I had kids. But now I know how silly and unimportant it is, so it's certainly given me perspective. Being pregnant and giving birth gave me a new found respect for my body, it's amazing."

The screen beauty admitted she previously lacked self-confidence when it came to her figure, and even though she regularly wore revealing outfits on screen she refused to wear shorts or mini skirts in real life.

She said: "I was a lot more critical of my body [before having kids] when it was probably pretty awesome. I was so skinny!"

Although Jessica has access to personal trainers and luxury gyms as a Hollywood A-lister, she claims doesn't use them to stay in shape, and has "fallen off the wagon" when it comes to exercise.

However, she admits she did have to go through some intensive training for her role in 'Mechanic: Resurrection', in which she stars alongside Jason Statham.

She said: "I did a couple of weeks of weight training - you have to be fit to do these kinds of movies. Before that I'd fallen off the wagon with exercise. I go back and forth between crazy exercising and doing nothing at all."

Despite her understanding of the importance of staying in shape, it's her children who come first for her.

She said: "There really isn't anything I don't enjoy about being a mom! They're always funny and curious. Of course, they can be little brats sometimes when they're overly tired or hungry or fighting, but there's so much optimism and hope in children."