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Jessica Alba: Negativity fuels me

Jessica Alba: Negativity fuels me

Jessica Alba is grateful to everyone who didn't believe in her, as it spurred her on to do well in business.

The 34-year-old actress made a name for herself by starring in films including Sin City and Fantastic Four, but now primarily focuses on her venture The Honest Company. She admits people in Hollywood underestimated her but isn't angry for their doubts; in fact, she thinks they inspired her to prove everyone wrong.

"(Criticism) p**ses me off!" she fumed while being interviewed by designer Tory Burch for The Edit magazine. "But as a woman, as an actress, I've dealt with that before. I've dealt with people undermining me; I've dealt with people thinking that I would do anything to get ahead and be successful. I was never that girl. I never dated people to be successful, I never compromised myself, or my beliefs, or my values to get ahead. And you know, in a weird way, I liked it when they didn't believe in me. It fuelled me."

The Honest Company employs largely women, who Jessica believes bring something more personal to a business. Rather than focusing on facts and figures, they put more feeling into a project, according to the star.

Jessica hopes to pass her strong work ethic onto daughters Honor and Haven, who she raises with husband Cash Warren. However, she admits they're not quite cottoning onto the idea yet.

"My girls ask why I work, but I think it's more of a rhetorical question at this point; they just want to spend time with me," she mused. "Kids don't want to be understanding. And they shouldn't be at that age! When they are 18 they will have perspective, but at four and seven they are just living in their own little world, and it's all immediate gratification."

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