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Jessica Alba can't imagine having more kids

Jessica Alba can't imagine having more kids

Jessica Alba "can't imagine" having more children.

The 34-year-old actress, who has two daughters, Honor, six, and Haven, three, with husband Cash Warren, isn't sure if she wants to have another baby because her life has

"just started to get easy" now that her girls are older.

Asked if she wants to try to have a little boy, she said: "I'm just happy to have healthy babies and - not right now - I'm busy. I'm really busy! I love kids and I love babies, but right now, I can't imagine. It just started to get easy."

Meanwhile, the Honest Company founder, who recently claimed she's "made people cry" because she's "straight to the point," admits she expects her employees to go "above and beyond" to reach deadlines.

She told E! News: "I didn't mean to [make people cry]. It just happens when you're just getting things done and you need to hit a deadline and you need something to be done. And if someone feels like, I don't know, they didn't step up to the plate, sometimes they cry. And I try to tell them it's not a personal thing. It's nothing about you and your character, you just need to get it done so we can still have that deadline.

"It's a reality. You have to hit your deadlines and you have to be professional and you have to go above and beyond when you are launching a company."