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Jess Glynne: 'I won't turn out like Amy Winehouse'

Jess Glynne: 'I won't turn out like Amy Winehouse'

Jess Glynne says she won't turn out like Amy Winehouse.

Both Jess, 26, and the late singer Amy - who died at the age of 27 - grew up in North London and went on to find success in the music industry and while Jess admired Amy's talent, she says she is in no danger of going off the rails like the tragic star.

She told Fabulous magazine: "She didn't have the right people around her. The 'Amy' documentary made me realise why that was so detrimental to everything that she was doing. And that's where I've got it completely different. I have people that keep me grounded. I think that's the only thing which keeps you secure in yourself."

Indeed Jess revealed that she no longer enjoys wild nights out because she can't cope with the hangovers.

She said: "I did go through a time in my life where I was going out a lot and didn't really have structure in my life. I wasn't an alcoholic or anything and I've never had an issue with alcohol but it was easy to go out and be drunk.

"But I just don't enjoy being hungover. It's like the worst feeling in the world. And maybe I'm naive but I don't feel like there's loads of drugs around me. The people I hang out with just don't really like that. And I don't go to a lot of events so I don't know what goes on. That makes me sound really boring."