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Jeremy Piven wants an 'incredible' family

Jeremy Piven wants an 'incredible' family

Jeremy Piven longs for an "incredible" wife and family like his 'Entourage' character Ari Gold.

The 50-year-old American actor - who last appeared on screens when he wrapped up his title role playing Harry Selfridge on UK TV series 'Mr Selfridge' in March - has admitted he is envious of the life of his fictional counterpart on the HBO comedy drama.

Piven let slip his wish as he took part in a Q&A with Los Angeles Times Entertainment via Facebook on Wednesday (04.05.16).

When Piven was asked if there was a part of any characters he's played that he would aspire to emulate, Piven said: "Harry Selfridge found his art in business and I never have been good at business I never have been I haven't found any art in business but he did and that was miraculous the two worlds come together. "And Ari Gold had this incredible relationship and a wife and a family and I don't have a family yet so I aspire to that as well. I don't aspire to be a reactive douchebag that's not something that someone would aspire to be!"

In the past, Piven has been linked to Kelly Brook and in 2013 he dated Kate Nardi.

However, Piven is also looking forward to his future roles and he's working with his sister on a new top secret project.

He shared: "One of the things that London and this entire 'Mr Selfridge' experience did for me was it ... made me realise I need to do my own projects - do things that I'm more involved in and be more a part of it - because ... I love the experience of being in a collaborative atmosphere. So I'm working with my sister Shera Piven on something right now - one film and a TV series that I've come up with ... I feel like you're never too old to learn and be in school and I feel like that 'Mr Selfridge' was a heavy graduate programme that I just lived through over there in the UK."