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Jeremy Piven complains of being held 'hostage'

Jeremy Piven complains of being held 'hostage'

Jeremy Piven has complained of being held "hostage" on a plane.

The 49-year-old star - who's best known for his role as Ari Gold in the award-winning HBO comedy series 'Entourage' - was held on a plane for several hours with hundreds of passengers earlier today (09.05.15) when their flight to New York from London was stranded in Philadelphia.

Writing on Twitter, Jeremy explained: "Pilot refuses to fly to JFK here on British airways. People are starting to panic.

"Holding us for a total of 7 hours on the ground when immigration opens...holding us all hostage.

"They won't let us off the plane, we flew from London ... (sic)"

Jeremy's tweets drew an impassioned response from his social media followers - who offered a mix of sympathy and helpful advice - but the actor later suggested he may have initially overreacted to the situation.

He said: "We all made the most of it, people dealt with in a calm way, thanks for your concern..."

Jeremy is next set to star in the much-discussed 'Entourage' movie, which will feature a host of big-name celebrities, including cameos from Liam Neeson and Pharrell Williams.