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Jennifer Saunders likes Drake

Jennifer Saunders likes Drake

Jennifer Saunders is a fan of Drake.

The 57-year-old actress has revealed she is an unlikely follower of the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker, although she admits she finds it increasingly difficult to keep pace with pop culture in the internet age.

Jennifer revealed her admiration of Drake, before adding: "You realise there is a day when you don't know what's happening at the forefront of fashion or music. And with the internet,I think it's even harder."

Jennifer is currently preparing for the long-awaited release of the movie version of her hit TV sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous', in which she stars alongside Joanna Lumley as a drug-abusing PR agent.

Asked if she's worried about the public's reaction to her movie, Jennifer told the Sunday Times newspaper: "The only hope is that people realise we are growing older. It's got to be personal, so it's about where I am."

Jennifer conceded she is fast becoming something she never wanted to be: out of touch.

She shared: "[I'm] busy growing into the thing one always dreaded most - which is not just your mother, but someone who can't keep up."

The 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie is set to feature a star-studded cast and while Joanna and Jennifer have remained tight-lipped about the plotline, they are delighted to be working together again.

Joanna recently said: "I can't tell you very much about it except that we've got all of the original cast, which is June Whitfield, Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks, the great Jennifer Saunders and yours truly. And we've got some beautiful new stars."