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Jennifer Saunders isn't 'over' breast cancer

Jennifer Saunders isn't 'over' breast cancer

Jennifer Saunders has "never quite" got over breast cancer.

The 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' star was diagnosed with the disease in 2009 and despite getting the all clear after undergoing grueling cheamotherapy treatment, she's decided to go back on a hormonal therapy called Tamoxifen commonly prescribed to women to prevent it from returning.

She said: "As a physical experience, yes. You're never quite over it, because I'm going back on Tamoxifen. I came off it after five years for a break. I wanted to know what was age and what was side-effect. And so I now know how achy I am, generally. If I go back on it, I'll know what's the drug and what's me. But I'm grateful for that because, you know, you want to live as long as you can, really."

Meanwhile, Jennifer reprises her role as Edina Monsoon in the hotly anticipated movie which also stars Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone and Kate Moss as herself.

The film is set to be littered with cameos from other celebrities such as Rebel Wilson and Graham Norton and has brought Jennifer back into the limelight, which can be a nuisance, especially when fans hound her for selfie pictures after a 10 hour flight.

In an interview with The Guardian's Weekend magazine, she joked: "It's just a nightmare. Like, in an airport. You've got off a plane after 10 hours, looking like s***e, and someone goes, 'Can I have a picture?' And you go, 'Actually no, you can't, sorry.' And they look at you like you're the most disgusting thing in the world: how dare you say I can't have a picture? And then you go, 'I don't want to have a picture with you. I don't know you. And you're going to have a picture of me looking s***e on your phone. I don't want that. Why is that so hard to understand?"