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Jennifer Jason Leigh's son wanted her to miss Globes

Jennifer Jason Leigh's son wanted her to miss Globes

Jennifer Jason Leigh's son asked her to "cancel" attending the Golden Globe awards.

The 53-year-old actress was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in 'The Hateful Eight' and though she was inundated with messages of congratulations for the honour, five-year-old Rohmer - who she has with ex-husband Noah Baumbach - was not impressed.

She admitted: "I was looking at all these texts. My son actually said, 'Why do you have so many texts?' I said, 'Oh, I got a nomination for an award. It's called a Golden Globe. It's this really nice night and it's an honour.' And he said, 'Can you cancel it?'

"I've been doing a lot of press lately, and I've had to travel a lot so I think the idea of another night when I'm going to be out."

However, Jennifer was excited to attend the ceremony and hang out with director Quentin Tarantino and her co-stars because she has such fond memories of working on the film.

She told People magazine: "I've never had such a great time as I did on this movie.

"I think that's fair to say of all the actors on this film. I've never seen so many grown men weep as the day they said, 'That's a wrap!' Samuel Jackson, Walter Goggins, Kurt Russell.

"Kurt Russell and I were chained together through most of that. When we were unchained it felt strange. Whenever I touch this wrist [right] I think of Kurt."