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Jennifer Hudson treats her body like a work of art

Jennifer Hudson treats her body like a work of art

Jennifer Hudson imagined she was sculpting her body like an artwork when she began her weight loss journey.

The 35-year-old singer-and-actress dropped over 80 pounds by following a Weight Watchers eating plan and she became a spokesperson for the company in 2010.

The star has been able to maintain her slim figure and she considers her body transformation to be a bigger personal triumph than winning her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her depiction of Effie White in the film 'Dreamgirls' because she completely changed the way she thought about her figure.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', Jennifer explained: "It's because it's such a personal thing. How often do you come up with a goal like that and achieve it? I looked at myself as if I was art and I said, 'OK, I'm going to sculpt myself the way that I want.' "

Jennifer insists the key to her keeping the pounds off is that she has completely re-educated herself about food.

She added: "It wasn't that I had an eating problem, I just didn't know to eat. Before I had my weight loss there was certain things I would avoid eating but now I eat whatever I want, I just know how to eat it - in moderation. That's the key and knowing what you're putting in your body."

Jennifer is engaged to WWE commentator-and-wrestler David Otunga, with whom she shares seven-year-old son David Jr.

Although they got betrothed back in 2008 'The Voice UK' coach insists she still isn't in any rush to get married.

She shared: "Everything is about time and then in time he ain't going nowhere. You see he's still there. He can wait."

When asked whether her son was keen for his parents to tie the knot, Jennifer replied: "Yes and no, everyone has married us off anyway and we're still a family and so I think nobody knows the difference. I am a believer like you do well and better with what you want to do versus what you have to do. I'm here because I want to be and not because I have to be. As soon as we do something we don't want to do them."