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Jennifer Coolidge recalls awkward autograph

Jennifer Coolidge recalls awkward autograph

'American Pie' star Jennifer Coolidge was once asked to sign a box of pantyliners by a fan.

The 53-year-old actress - famous for playing Stifler's Mom in the comedy series - regularly gets approached by fans when she's out in public and among the more odd requests she has received was for her to put her moniker on the packaging of the feminine hygiene product.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I (once) had a fan rush up to me in a grocery store to get my autograph for his wife. He handed me a Sharpie and said, 'My wife is crazy about you.' Then he asked me to sign a box of maxi pads!"

The '2 Broke Girls' star has amassed many fans throughout the course of her acting career, which has spanned three decades, but she admits she has, on occasions, acted like a fan girl on set with certain actors.

Coolidge had a huge crush on Hugh Grant when they shot 2006 film 'American Dreamz' and she still thinks the British heartthrob has a "thing going on".

She said: "I did a movie with Hugh Grant about 10 years ago. That's the most I've ever been attracted to someone on a movie. Everyone kind of lost it on that job. He definitely has a thing going on."