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Jenna Coleman tried 70 contact lenses for Victoria

Jenna Coleman tried 70 contact lenses for Victoria

Jenna Coleman tried 70 different contact lenses for 'Victoria'.

The 30-year-old actress portrays the former queen in the forthcoming ITV drama and, although she had no problem getting into character, it was a long process trying to find the right shade of blue coloured lenses to brighten her eyes.

Speaking at a Q&A for the new series at London's Kensington Palace on Thursday (11.08.16), Jenna explained: "I think we were in the zone of about 70 pairs of contact lenses. We did different camera tests and again it was Nic Collins - head of make-up - it was her idea, which was great because any of the portraits that we look at, the first thing we see are her eyes. Her eyes just pop out to you so I think it's great to look so different.

"In terms of comfort, they were fine, other than when we shot by candlelight. I was living in a rose-tinted world because everything was a haze, which wasn't unpleasant."

And, although the new drama draws particular attention to Victoria's small height, Jenna is adamant she's average in terms of how tall she is but producers had to work the cameras in such a way that would make her look smaller.

She told BANG Showbiz: "We had certain photographs on set of me and Tom [Hughes, who plays her husband Prince Albert] where it plays very well on the height from. I think they were in heels for some of their bits."

'Victoria' will hit television screens on August 28 on ITV.