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Jeff Goldblum: I was like a 'teenager' crushing on wife Emilie

Jeff Goldblum: I was like a 'teenager' crushing on wife Emilie

Jeff Goldblum was like a "teenager" with a crush when he first laid eyes on his wife.

The 'Independence Day: Resurgence' star feels so lucky to have met Emilie Livingston - with whom he has 11-month-old son Charlie Ocean - and says the important thing is that they make each other laugh.

He said: "I was immediately thrilled by her and walked over. The next couple of days I pursued her. I talked to my friends about her.

"I was like a teenager. She makes me and Charlie laugh. I like the way I make her laugh too. It's important to me, the way we make each other laugh."

And the 63-year-old actor is thrilled he has welcomed his first child and revealed he named the little boy after his uncle Chuckie.

He added: "I never seriously considered it until now. I'm at a different place now. I was enthusiastic to marry Emilie and try to have a baby.

"Charlie was born on Independence Day, July 4, while we were shooting Independence Day: Resurgence in Albuquerque! My dad had a younger brother, my uncle Chuckie, whom he adored. 'Charlie' is a form of 'Chuckie'. My uncle was my exact height, looked like me. Chuckie died in his 20s as a pilot in World War II."

Meanwhile, Jeff loves spending as much time as possible with his wife Emilie and their son.

He told Parade magazine: "Charlie gets bathed every night at 6:20, the three of us together in the bathtub. It's just delightful. This morning I made his bottle and I changed his diaper. And then I sat there and watched him play. He was very happy.

"He's standing up now. He can't walk, but he's crawling. He's just started to say, 'Dada.' It's thrilling. He goes to bed at the same time every night and takes his naps at the same time. He's been sleeping through the night since he was 4 months old."