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Jaymi Hensley on life in Union J since George Shelley's exit

Jaymi Hensley on life in Union J since George Shelley's exit

Jaymi Hensley says it has taken "a bit of time" for Union J to get back on track following George Shelley's departure.

The 'Carry You' hitmaker says that when the 23-year-old singer departed in March, everyone's feelings were misconstrued and they got "frustrated" by that.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jaymi admitted: "I think at the time feelings were a little bit more than what they are now, on both parties.

"At the end of the day we may be boyband members or pop stars or whatever you want to call us, but at Union J we are just four young boys that spent the past four years together.

"We're so close. We all got a bit frustrated. All of us lost track of our feelings and how we really felt about it. Well what do you do if your friend got a job abroad?

Would you fall out?, no you wouldn't fall out."

At the time, it was reported that George was "jealous" of his bandmates, but Jaymi insists they've always been best friends and he's glad that George and Union J are able to move on after an up and down year.

He said: "George is still one of my best friends of all time and we always will be and I speak to him all the time still. It was very difficult but because we parted ways doesn't mean we still don't love each other. He's been as much as my history as some of my closest friends have and vice versa with all the boys. I think we're really happy now that this year is coming to an end and both of us after Union J and George are moving forward."

Union J are now joined by former Stereo Kicks star Casey Johnson and Jaymi, 26, admits he feels "very blessed" to still be able to make music with his bandmates, Casey, Josh Cuthbert and J.J. Hamblett.

He added: "It's taken us a bit of time but we're all very lucky and we're all very happy in the place we are at the minute. Very blessed."