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January Jones learns from son

January Jones learns from son

January Jones learns a lot from her son.

The former 'Mad Men' star is more "proud" of four-year-old Xander - whose father's identity she has never disclosed - than anything else and thinks he will grow up to be a "remarkable" person.

She said: "There are many lessons I'd like my son to learn and many I'm still learning from him.

"I think he is kind and empathetic and will be a remarkable person. He is what I am most proud of."

January is currently single, and as well as being a "good mom" and working hard, her ambitions for the future include finding the time to date.

Asked her hopes and plans for the future, she said "Not to take one day for granted, to be a good mom and to be able to work like I have been.

"To see and experience things and maybe take time to go on a date."

The 38-year-old actress loves to relax in front of her favourite reality shows with ice cream.

She said: "My guilty pleasures are ice cream and bad reality TV - together, if at all possible."

As well as previously portraying Betty Draper in 'Mad Men', January is currently starring as Melissa Chartres in TV show 'The Last Man on Earth' and admits signing up to do long-running series is always a risk.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "My biggest career risk has been the two TV shows I've done.

"Luckily both have been a success, but it's a gamble when you sign a big contract to do a project where you have only read one piece of a huge puzzle and have no idea where the writers are going to take you."