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Jane Fonda regrets not being a 'better parent'

Jane Fonda regrets not being a 'better parent'

Jane Fonda regrets not being a "better parent."

The 78-year-old actress, who has daughters Vanessa Vadim, 47, with her ex-husband Roger Vadim, Mary Luana Williams, 48, and son Troy Garity, 42, who she had with her former partner Tom Hayden - has admitted she wished she could have been more "present" as a mother instead of passing on the parental responsibilities to the two fathers.

She told The Times Magazine: "I regret I wasn't a better parent. I didn't really know how. I was fortunate that the two husbands I have children with were very good fathers so my children are OK, but I wish I had been more of a present mother."

However, the mother of three has revealed she has had to make the best of the "imperfect" situation.

She explained: "I realise that the world and people are imperfect. You just have to try and make it as good as you possibly can."

Meanwhile the 'Grace and Frankie' star, who is currently living with a new man, believes she could happily survive without a man in her life.

She explained: "The need to please a man doesn't go away. It continues throughout your life, unless someone shakes you out of it.

"I am living with a man now, but if I was alone I would be fine. I don't need to be with a man anymore."

But Jane was never been entirely independent and has admitted she constantly yearned for her father's, Henry Fonda, attention.

She said: "My goal was to please my father. I adored him. I wanted to be brave, not say the wrong thing, and when I was older I wanted to look like he wanted me to look - thin - and I thought if I didn't look a certain way he wouldn't love me. It took me a long time to get over it."