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Jane Fonda: 'Even when I was young, I was old'

Jane Fonda: 'Even when I was young, I was old'

Jane Fonda has always been an old soul, even when she was "chronologically young".

As she approaches her 80s, the 77-year-old Barbarella actress and fitness icon is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, with roles in television shows The Newsroom and Grace and Frankie under her belt, and in a new interview, Jane admits she feels she has grown into her personality.

"Your essential character doesn’t change (as you get older)," Jane told Variety magazine, "but your temperament, your personality can change. When I was chronologically young, I was pretty old. With age, two-thirds has to do with spirit, your soul: Are you curious, open to life, inspired and passionate? I wasn’t. I was shut down. I’m way happier now, and I’m way younger now."

Asked if she feels nostalgic for her past, Jane replied: "No. The 'good old days' were pretty bad for me. The real good old days are now."

Jane had to take a trip down memory lane as she penned her recently released book My Life So Far, which she claims she wrote for her daughter.

"I wanted her to understand why I did some things," she explained. "I was observing myself as someone else (as I wrote). It was like a research project. I discovered that there is a leitmotif of courage, honesty and resilience that runs through my life."

And although she wrote the chapters with her daughter in mind, she dedicated the memoir to her late mother.

"I’d like to have both my parents back," she added. "I would talk to them in such a different way."

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