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Jamie Oliver's wife is like 'OCD' Monica

ShowbizBy Sunday World
Jamie Oliver's wife is like 'OCD' Monica

Jamie Oliver's children think their mother is like Monica from 'Friends'.

Jools Oliver - who has three daughters, Poppy, 13, Daisy, 12 and Petal, six, and one son, Buddy, four, with the TV chef - has revealed her kids have likened her to the TV character played by Courteney Cox.

She shared to the Daily Star newspaper: "I would like to think it would be someone like Julia Roberts but I asked my children and they all said Monica ...

"[I think it has] something to do with my obsessive-compulsive disorder."

Meanwhile, Jamie previously revealed he was "averaging about three-and-a-half hours" of sleep a night for ten years.

He explained: "For the past decade I've been averaging about three-and-a-half hours a night. It got to a point this summer where I had to do something. I knew there was something wrong with me.

"On a fundamental level I wasn't functioning like a normal person. I'd sit down in the office, fall asleep and start dribbling. Not pretty. Not good.'"

And Jamie - who also revealed his sleeping pattern is now back to normal - believes his issue would have been taken more seriously if he had an addiction.

He shared: "I feel like I should be admitting to being an alcoholic - people get that. But my thing is not sleeping.

"I've got healthier and I've got more energy. I'm sharper in my head and more sober in the way I think."