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Jamie Oliver: I'm not a 'squirrell'

Jamie Oliver: I'm not a 'squirrell'

Jamie Oliver insists he's not a "squirrel" and loves spending money on new ventures.

The 40-year-old celebrity chef and business mogul - who built a food empire worth a reported £180 million around a chain of restaurants, books and TV appearances - revealed that even if he fails he still enjoys investing his money in exciting projects.

He said: "One of the good but bad things is I am not a squirrel. I spend everything I have on having a go at something new. I've always learnt things, even from my failures, but I'm trying to focus-in now."

And Jamie - who grew his famous career whilst having four children, Daisy, Poppy, Buddy and Petal, with his wife of fifteen years, Jules - admitted that he will slow down "in about ten years" but in the meantime, he wants to go back to basics and concentrate on cooking and writing books.

When asked whether he would downsize his empire to concentrate on his family, he told The Times newspaper: "Absolutely. Whatever. Closing. Selling stuff off. Selling stuff to management. Just reducing things that we're doing

"I'm currently reviewing my life ... I just want to concentrate on cooking and writing, and that's it."